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Wheat Free Spelt Soda Bread

This bread is a fabulous easy loaf to make with no proofing and waiting around. This is what free, but to be clear, Not gluten free!

So you will need:

300g wholemeal spelt flour

big pinch of salt

2 tsp baking powder

230ml buttermilk



So the secret here is to get your oven to temperature here to a crouching 230 degrees and your baking tray in there tok, or your stone if your using one too. As heat and timing is the key here. Once your oven is to temperature with your tray in it so it’s super hot then you can begin.  Once your baking powder and buttermilk mix the magic happens and there is on a short window to get cooking o don’t delay!!

so mix your dry ingredients together in a bowl incorporating the baking powder and salt through the flour. Then add the buttermilk, I then get my hands in and mix this together to form a dough. One this is in a dough mix you don’t need to work it like normal bread give it a quick knead to make sure it’s incorporated and shape it into a ball. Take a knife and slice a cross through the top then pick it up, carefully take your tray out and put your loaf on and back in that oven and bake for 15 mins.

Then it should be cooked through, tap it on the bottom and it should sound hollow. Put it on the cooling rack. Try to wait for it to cool before cutting as it will be to clagy. Typos should have a gorgeous heavyish nutty wholesome loaf great with soup, cheese, butter etc.  I love it.


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