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Children’s cooking classes

I love cooking with children. They are so eager to learn and like sponges and they look at things differently to us. We should get the cooking in the kitchen when their young, a lot of people think of the obvious and do cakes, but get the grating and washing, talking about flavours and give them their own safer knife and board and give them easier things to chop or things life herbs to tear or veg to grate and as they get older give them bolder things to do and actually learn to chop and be helpful in the kitchen i think is essential.  It will pay off!! They will understand processes and flavours and timings and before you know it be cooking, kids are much more capable than you think and they love it and gets them understanding food and nutrition and respect for where it comes from and they are more likely to try and eat it!  Besides when they leave home we want them to look after themselves, cook for themselves and clean up! and to know whats healthy and why hopefully too.  this is a life skill to and such an important one and we do need to them how to do it.

Jez on my cooking course decided to mix sprinkles with dough balls with sprinkles for a sweet version on them, see I love their creativity and let them explore and be creative…now I wouldn’t have thought of that. And he loved it!

Here is a few photos and snap shots of some of there creations and what we do and make! that’s if i can get round to finding the time to remember to take shots!!??


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