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Visit to a vineyard


When in France this is something you have to do! We were recommended to take a visit to this particular vineyard by some locals and told it was something special but very underrated in terms of what to expect. The kind of place you blow the dust off the bottles with no bells and whistles!! Great I thought I love this sort of thing an artisan wine maker! So off we go… we had some rough directions and worked the rest out, after a couple of go’s we found a small sign and bingo we found it.


On arriving we were greeted by the owners boxer dog and not being entirely sure on where to go I stumbled into what I thought would be their showroom, no this was their kitchen with what seemed to be all generations of the family sitting round the table. Not too embarrassing! Ok with very little French and likewise very little English we managed to converse and we were shown into a barn where we tasted their wine and congac, while the whole family looked on. ? It was magnificent stuff! A very complex yet smooth taste. From what I gleem they are known for their cognac and the wine is a pineau which is made with wine grapes and congac. Very unusual. They make a red and white pineau, plus champagne’s and pure congac. As it turns out they had awards hanging all over this barn which was dark and dingy and very downplayed. We also bought their own honey. In winter they do a grape juice for the children too. They didn’t have any of this left sadly. We have been enjoying our new purchases and quite taken with this new find! Think we maybe back for more before we head home. If you ever see this in the shops I would urge you to try it, I would highly recommend it, I love it. It’s something different, great as an aperitif and drunk cold. I’m judt disappointed we couldn’t bring more home now!!


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