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Our Visit to St. Emilion, South West France


I would highly recommend a trip to this very picturesque village if you happen to find your self in this region of the south west of France. Its wall to wall vineyards and wine tasting. Approaching St. Emilion you find yourself in very pretty and scenic surroundings with fields of sunflowers and vineyards with attractive buildings dotted in estates with the odd chateau to marvel at along the way. I loved seeing the odd little tractors that look like they should have been removed from service long before, still merrily doing their bit keeping these fields looking pristine and tidy.

On reaching St. Emilion parking is limited for cars in the tourist season within the village and vehicles were parked on lanes coming in and out of the village. Eventually we found a space on a curbside and walked into the centre. There is plenty to do and see with shops, restaurants, wine tastings, underground caves, churches, many streets etc to wonder round, its very quaint.

We wanted to eat in the main outdoor restaurant in the square which had great ambiance and vibe and the food looked amazing too, however there was over an hour wait for a table and the children were starving, so we abandoned this plan and headed for anywhere that we could get a table. (St. Emilion was very busy on the day we were there) We ate at Pizzera du Vieux Lavoir an Italian restaurant dug into the side of a hill. Not quite what we had in mind as we wanted to feed the children french food while in France! :\ However they were happy and the food was very good. Sadly no gluten free was on the menu for me to have pizza, but i did have venison which was very nice.

We took a trip to the bakery after for some French macarons for desert and what a selection they had on offer too!

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