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Summer Fruit Pavlova

I love a pavlova.  I have used summer fruit here, but to be honest you can use any seasonal fruit or fruit you like from passion fruit to pears, peaches to pineapples, caramel and chocolate, use your imagination, and a pavlova is something that you can wheel out anytime of the year and people with love it!

So you will need:

2 tsp of cornflour

2tsp white wine vinegar

1 tsp vanilla extract

4 medium free range eggs at room temperature

(if doing a double layer pavlova i would use 6 eggs, and 300g sugar, 3tsp of cornflour and vinegar and 1 1/2 vanilla and just use slightly more fruit and cream to layer in between)

200g caster sugar

200g strawberries or whatever fruit you would like for the top

250g fresh raspberries

284ml carton of whipping cream or Double Cream


Preheat the oven to 140’c

  1. Take a baking sheet and cut some baking parchment to sit over the top.  Take a large plate (around 23cm) and draw with a pencil around the plate onto the baking parchment.  Turn the baking parchment over so then pencil line is on the reverse.  If you wanted to do a double layer pavlova you would need to repeat this process.)
  2. In a small bowl place the cornflour, vinegar, vanilla extract and blend with a teaspoon.  Separate the egg white one at a time and place the egg white in a large clean mixing bowl.
  3. Whisk the egg whites until they are stiff enough to hold their shape.  Whisk in the sugar a tablespoon at a time and adding a little of the cornflour mixture each time.  When all the cornflour and sugar mixture is added the consistency should be marshmallowy and thick.
  4. Pour the mixture onto the baking parchment and spread within the marked line and make peaks and indentations for the cream and fruit.  (if you are making a two layer pavlova split the mixture between two disks)  Bake for 1 hour then turn the oven off and leave the oven to cool completely in the oven preferably overnight this will reduce cracking and do not open the door as this will allow a temperature change and allow cracking to take place!
  5. Once cool carefully remove the baking parchment from the base of the pavlova and place on your serving dish.  then Whip your cream until it holds its shape and then spread it over the pavlova and spread the cream and then the fruit over the pavlova discs.
  6. Serve!


    • September 5, 2018 / 5:34 pm

      That’s very kind of you I will look at doing that I love sharing recipes thank you ?

  1. bcbackpackers
    September 5, 2018 / 9:31 pm

    Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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