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Party Food

Well i thought i should probably include a post about party food as we are now coming to up to that time of year when we are going to be putting parties into our diary and we need to start thinking of menus to cater for a the festive season!! I catered for a party this weekend and it was such fun.  My brief was finger food, some gluten free food, some vegetarian food and then food for everyone else.  I think its fair to say that is probably a fair description of most parties.

For a lot of party food you need food that you can prepare for in advance and then be able to hurry upstairs and get ready to look fabulous and it does not look like you’ve been slaving away in the kitchen all day!  You also want your food to look fabulous and pretty and things that are ideally not going to require plates and that are not going to make a mess that you will find trod into the carpet the next day.

So here is a few suggestions for you….

Skewers of food:

Things like:

Mini Skewers of Antipasti type food such as:

Melon and Parma Ham

Melon, Parma Ham and Mozerella

Pepper, Olives, Tomatoes and Mozerella and Parma Ham

Tomato, Basil and Mozerella

Artichoke, Tomato and Olive

The list is endless be creative….. and colourful they look so pretty…. These are also great for gluten free guests, make sure you put labels on them too so people can see what their eating!

Then things like hot dough balls with garlic dip or sour cream and cheese dip, this is a real winner with people of all ages, and to be fair it doesn’t matter if they go cold either, as who doesn’t like a dough ball and certainly helps to soak up some alcohol when the night gets going.  This can look really pretty too served in big round bowls with the dip in the middle.  Sadly i did not get pictures of this but here are picture of the dough balls, you get the idea.  Here is a link to my recipe.

Dough Balls

Also this is a real show stopper my dough ball camembert ring.  This is something you can prepare in advance and then bring out warm and serve with drinks etc.  The link to my recipe is here.

Camembert Dough Balls Ring

Humous is a great thing to serve and home made humous is so much better that shop bought, and also you can pimp it up to your taste too.  You could serve this with crudites vegetables, garlic toasts, vegetable chips, tortilla chips, kettle chips, so many options.  I also have a recipe for gluten free flat breads which look rather pretty if you are thinking of gluten free guests too. I will put both of the links here.

Gluten Free – Dairy Free, Gram Flour Flat Breads

Home Made Humous Recipe

These cucumber and Dill bites are delicious and great little drinks canapes to just pick up.  They look so pretty and delicate and so appetising.  Just what you need for a buffet table.  They are quick and easy to prepare too.  Although if you look at the picture its like “wheres wally”, where is the one i missed the pepper off the top.


For sweet treats things like mini brownies, shortbread’s, rockieroad’s go down a treat, these can be cut up into bite size pieces and piled high on platters for your guests to help them selves.  They look amazing and its not to sickly.  These can be made gluten free too and nobody would know the difference but remember to label them up so that your guests know they can have them!!

Gluten Free Shortbread

Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcakes with Crunchie and Curly Wurly

If you wish to do bowls of food if you were doing a buffet, I have recipes here for the following which are great for these occasions and can be made gluten free too.

Greek Salad

Italian Pasta Salad (Gluten Free)

Quiches that can be made gluten free

Asparagus, Potato and Pea Quiche (Gluten Free and Dairy Free Options)

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