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Olive Branch Products – A taste of Greece

The lovely people at The Olive Branch sent me some of their lovely products to enjoy and try. They have an amazing array of Greek products as pictured and lots more too. Beautifully packaged and made only from natural ingredients and no added sugars, they are full of flavour, great for dinner shortcuts, and suitable for all ages to enjoy. Anyone that knows me, would know that this is right up my street and just what I love!!

So we have a range of products pictured above, which includes:

An Orange balsamic Vinegar dressing

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sweet Olive Fig and Almond Relish

Greek Mezze – Sun dried tomato Mix with Olives Capers and Garlic

Greek Mezze – Aubergine and Basil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Greek Mezze – Chunky Tapanade, Green and Black Olive with Sun Dried tomato and Garlic

You can pick them up from Ocado, from some local stockists (see their website for your local stores) or order direct via their website www.myolivebranch.co.uk

Here’s some wonderful ways to use their products… 
🌱Stir pastes into pasta, rices and quinoa or even into omelettes. 
🥑 enjoy relishes with meat and cheeses or even mix into Greek yoghurts to give them a twist. 
🍅 Tapenades can be enjoy as dips and spreads with breads and crackers. I love tapanades! These are so in heard of in the uk!
🌱use pastes and tapenades with chicken and meats, stuff them, marinade, or make sauces. 
🥑use pastes to make pizza sauces and add different flavours to your pizzas. Even make quick pizzas with pittas.
🍅use pastes and tapanades and oils on breads as spreads to add a new twist for lunches. A quick injection of flavour! 
🌱gorgeous oils and salad dressings to add new interesting flavours to your leaves. 
🥑 give jacket potatoes a new twist with pastes and tapanades.
Bring the flavours of Greece to your table and visit their website www.myolivebranch.co.uk

I will also be experimenting myself with their products and creating some recipes and posting on my blog. So look out for some new recipes coming soon 😋. Thank you Olive Branch beautiful products 🙌👏 Great work 

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