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Yorkshire Puddings (Gluten Free and Dairy Free option)

Now you need never miss out on a yorkshire pudding with a roast dinner again (or if anything like our house you do not need an excuse to cook a yorkshire pudding!) I’ve been gluten free for over 20 years now and trying to find a recipe for toad in the hole or Yorkshire pudding was a bit of a bind but happy to say this one is a winner!! Took me lots of times of pancakes I tell you ☺️ the cornflour give the lightness and the eggs give the lift but the most important factor as ever with Yorkshire Puds is having the oven as hot as possible!! And that includes the pan and the oil too and work fast. Hold onto your eyelashes girls for this one girls when opening the oven!!

So you will need:

6 eggs 

180g cornflour (for corn free peeps see below!)

Pinch of salt

285ml of milk/soya milk works well or oat milk works well (gluten free if your coeliac or avoiding gluten) Rice milk doesn’t! You will have to experiment with a chosen milk alternative here if you have a favourite here as we use oat generally but I would say go for a thicker one.

Vegetable oil, rapeseed oil or coconut oil for roasting


Preheat the oven to highest setting generally 230 degrees.

Whisk together the eggs, flour pinch of salt and chosen milk until the lumps are removed. Leave to sit out at room temperature for a good 15-20 mins if possible and whisk again before using as it will settle.

I use a normal cake tin for this or you may choose to keep a yorkshire tin just for this job as its pretty hard wearing on your tins.

Heat the pan in the oven so its super hot for 5 minutes first then carefully take it out and place a dessert spoon of oil in the bottom of each cup and the carefully place back in the oven for a couple of minutes. remove again from the oven very carefully as will be super hot! but work fast as you want to keep the heat! pour in the batter into each cup and it should bubble as it hits the hot oil, and return to the oven as quick as you can. Cook for 15 minutes and do not be tempted to open the oven door as they will probably collapse if they have not cooked through!

After 15 minutes they should be lovely and brown, remove your tray from the oven and serve. This should make almost two batches depending on the size of your cups.


Ok so I do have quite a few people say to me they can eat cornflour as they have a corn allergy, so I did an experiment the other night and tried this….

100g potato starch

200ml gluten free oat milk

2 free range eggs

Pinch of salt

This worked too however I’m tempted to try three eggs next time. They are chewier as the potato starch gives them more chew, but at least it gives you an option! This will give you one tray as I’m not sure how these will freeze as I have not tried.

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