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My Journey on my Elimination Diet

For years i have experience migraine associated vertigo (MAV) which is essentially a migraine condition that causes vertigo. I dont always know i am having the migraine but instead I’m dizzy, off balance, can fall to the floor, I’m tired, fatigued, can feel sick but other times and i more than well aware i am having the migraine and like any migraine suffer will tell you, am bound for my bed in the dark and begging for quiet and lots of sleep! With the vertigo and dizziness this adds another dimension entirely also…

I noticed what I was eating was effecting my migraines more and more so i had cut out caffeine, chocolate, msg, cheese and a lot of dairy, aspartame, alcohol, and gluten (this is a family thing anyway as we have coeliac in the family as have cut this out since my 20’s) but this has taken me 20 plus years to figure this out!

Having tried many different therapies, seen many doctors and even been to Harley street and still not to far forward, i have decided to seek the help from a nutritionalist and a doctor team.

So i thought it would be fun to write a bit of a blog about my journey and it may help others who are on a similar journey to mine or that have an interest in diet and nutrition.

November 2018

So i have spoken to my dietitian at London dietitian and arranged a meeting with them in December to see both her and the Doctor. We have decided to run a batch of tests to get an idea of whats going on, hormonal test, stool tests, blood tests before i go which should give them a clearer picture. We have a long chat and i feel quite excited to start. A friend of mine has been on this journey with this team and had amazing results with her psoriasis. She had a terrible case and was on a whole host of heavy duty drugs which wasn’t solving the problem – a year later and she doesn’t have any trace of it and feels great! so i feel like i’m giving it a good go and worse case scenario i have to be investing in my health! So having seen it first hand it made me think what could it do for me?

So my stool sampling kit comes through the post along with my hormonal kit for me to carry out and send back. Lets just say i follow the instructions for the stool sampling which needs to be done over 3 days, and call for the courier to collect them! The hormonal testing is a lot more in-depth and I need to do this at specific times of the month and then do it at set times of the day and drink set amounts of water, it’s a lot more in depth than another test I’ve ever had done before! I’m very interested in this test as I’m convinced this is hormonal lead but every test I’ve had done at the gp has come back normal and it doesn’t add up! I feel very hormonal and I’m convinced I’m in peri menopause and the doctors have pointed me in this direction but I have no evidence and my body hates and hormones in my body and makes my migraines so much worse so I don’t know what to do!!

December 2018

The week before xmas i go to see the nutritionalist, in Richmond. Sadly the doctor is ill so we have to rebook our appointment. The appointment is very thorough though and very informative. She has my stool sample back and knows what work we need to do.

I have one infection in my gut which we are going to kill off. This will take a few months. The inflammation in my gut is not to bad which is good to know but could be better so we will work on this. We will have work to do on making the gut more balanced and a better environment and bringing bacteria and other organisms to the gut. So lots to do. We are also going to work on making sure all I’m putting in my diet my body is happy receiving also and healing the gut lining. It was such a informative and interesting appointment.

We are going to start an elimination diet straight away (no time like the present!) and start on a range of supplements.

So we are eliminating so many items including just a few examples;


then a list of migraine foods•such as•Sulphates•yeast•broccoli•spinach•beetroot•cranberries•some nuts•avocados

This is actually quite tough as being gluten free and taking out corn, tomatoes and avocado I will find pretty hard too.

So the first week I felt really good! Wow I like this diet!! Apart from not knowing what to eat?! And having to be very prepared and Ocado ingredients list is becoming my friend!! And relearning how to shop.., I like this…. I have received my supplements which apart from some multivitamin and magnesium I’ve never seen anything like this!

week 2… it’s a different story, my period comes and I feel terrible! In fact I look terrible. I’m dizzy, Im having spins, I have migraines on and off and I’m tired. This continues on and although I’m taking the supplements and eating well I don’t feel like a health guru. They have warned me it’s not like a miracle it’s slow to begin with and keep going but this bits hard and I am pretty hardy, this condition is not for the faint hearted! Lol 😂 and I’m pretty patient now but by week 4/5 I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth it! There is some positives my feet are amazing, the skin is soft, I have these weird red spots on my feet that never go away which I know are linked to my vertigo and they have gone!! Odd… but amazing but I was hoping for more to be honest but it’s a good change but I feel like I’ve climbed a mountain and given so much up and not gained much but I’m telling myself this will take some time!

But finally by about week 5, I wake up one Sunday morning and it’s like a miracle…. I feel amazing! Just like that…. it happens to be on my sons birthday and I have a house full of guests I’m cooking for! It’s like a doddle and I love it 💕 it’s amazing how you get used to struggling and it becomes your normal.

So that’s continued really for 12 days now… and no migraine now for 12 days… that’s a miracle…. 😊👍

I have had spins but they have changed, they are quick and there is no migraine after which would always happen! That is amazing and they think so too. The spins are different too so it’s all change. Change is good.

End of January 2019

So I went back for a follow up appointment on Thursday last week to see the doctor (Daniela) and the nutritionist (Lynda) now that was an interesting appointment. My hormone test was back! No wonder I was feeling the was I was! My oestrogen was sky high and my progesterone was so low! This would cause migraines in its self! My cortisol levels were flatline, no wonder I was tired 💤 in turn this would effect my hormone levels and blood pressure. So there is lots of work to be done. There was lots of other info but to be honest I’m not a doctor but the main thing is I have answers and reasons now, it all makes sense. They also have reasons for why I’m spinning too which was all to do with my treatment. Amazing! The great news is they think it’s all doable and they have the answers. Even better I have been feeling so much better! And no migraines!! We are by no way there yet and to be honest that’s the beauty I have way more better to feel yet!

We are still on elimination and migraine diet but we are moving onto the next stage of the plan that is repair stage. So this is my supplements for this stage…

along with this as many antioxidants as I can get in my diet and eat the colours of the rainbow! 🌈. Today I got in 21 portions of fruit and veg!! I didn’t think that was possible but once you get into the mindset it’s actually quite easy. So I have to think colour colour colour… you will find some of me inspired recipes on my site that I’m creating along the way!!

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