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Fruit smoothies are so flexible and versatile and a great way to get you fruit and veggie count up in a very easy way. 

They are great:

  • as a breakfast or breakfast on the go
  • a snack for the kids when the get in from school, or an icey cooler for those hot days
  • freeze them into lollies
  • you can add grains to make them more filling and substantial for a meal on go if you don’t have time for lunch or for before or after the gym or to slow the hit of sugar into our systems down too
  • for weight loss
  • for elimination diet and detox purposes 
  • to get your fruit and veggie count up 
  • so for whatever the reason, it has to be a good one right??

You can add green type veg and sweeten with apple or pineapple or cucumber to also green smoothies make a less acidic smoothie for our bodies.  There is so many combinations to choose from.

Here’s one my kids love at the moment….

🍍pineapple, 🍎strawberries, 🍌banana, 🍊orange and 🥥coconut water

blitzed in the bullet and it’s good at keeping its colour too in the fridge for a few house if you want to make it for them coming in from school and be nice and cold. I’ve made this for customers too.

So I love a smoothie, and for me I’m back on them as I’m on an elimination diet and my aim is to get as many different types of fruit and vegetable in my diet as possible, and thus in term gain anti-inflammatory properties into my body as well as goodness. By breaking it down into smoothies this helps as eating this quantities would be tiresome. I’m also adding nuts and flax seeds and trying to get variety.

I have been living bags of frozen fruit and veg as when you want quickness and you have run out of fresh you always some! And it’s all cut up and peeled too! Waitrose do these lovely packs.

So here are some of my smoothies for you to try.

Above is….Mango, 🍌banana, flaxseed, 🍍pineapple, 🥝kiwi and 🥛gf oat milk with a splash of water

Above is blueberries, flaxseed, 🥛gluten free oat milk, banana 🍌


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