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Tropic Tamanu Healing Balm

I would love to introduce the Tropic Tamanu Healing Balm, it really is an all in one skin saviour, I have heard such wonderful things about this balm and I’m so excited to start using it for myself to see the benefits! I have heard it be used to treat cold sores, sore hands, dry skin patches, scratches, mosquito bites and all round travel saviour!! I think a little one of these will be my hand bag must have!! 👜

This best selling must have skincare hero is a multipurpose green balm to help replace scarred and damaged skin. It has a healthy, unique herbal scent.

🌱Tamanu oil (known as green gold) a remedy trusted for centuries in the Polynesian island to stimulate skin renewal

🌱Blended with hydrating, smoothing monoi and cocoa butters

🌱Contains antioxidant rich blackcurrant extract and raspberry seed oil

Great for

🌱Sun damage (pigmentation)


🌱Stretch marks


🌱Nappy rash

🌱Insect bites



🌱Dry, cracked skin

🌱Cuts and scrapes

To name few!

This is exactly why I love Tropic!! 💕🌱💕🌱

£32 for 60ml jar or £16 for 20ml jar. PM or comment if you would like to order one.

As with all Tropic products there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Head over to my Tropic page to place an order or browse the catalogue


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