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About Me


So I am Claire, behind Claire’s Kitchen.  I love everything around food, always have, but generally good food as opposed to junk! (Junk food, it’s kind of a pet hate) I Generally love healthy food, I love the way food can benefit our bodies, change the way we feel, change our mood and our emotions.

I’ve discovered this for myself.  I am gluten free. We have coeliac disease in our family, my mum and my nan are both coeliac, however luckily for me I’m not.  I cannot tolerate wheat and gluten, however i can tolerate small doses of spelt and rye for a couple of servings, which is great as I love cooking with spelt! My children are dairy free too. Although my son is growing out it, it still impacts him and he has to limit the amount he has and he can’t tolerate milk or cheese.

I also suffer from terrible migraines if I don’t keep it in check, and diet plays a huge part in this, so I eat a very strict very diet with no chocolate,  cheese, msg, colours, aspartame and very little alcohol to name but a few. Hence my diet is probably very healthy and natural and I am always finding news ways to adapt and cook, so allergy cooking comes as second nature to me I suppose. My step daughter also has an allergy to some fruit and veg! So you can imagine what we are like to feed!!  I also do cook with wheat and gluten for the rest of the family and for customers so you will find a real mixture of recipes here on this site.

So we are a busy household of 6!! There is never a quite moment with sports, clubs, play dates, sleepovers etc and I’m generally always found in the kitchen, which is where i generally like to be with some music on. But we love it and I couldn’t do it without my hardy husband by my side! He’s generally mostly found in the car running the kids about or emptying the dishwasher! In between that we have a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. I’ve recently started trying to grow some veg in our big garden and just dug up our first potatoes, which were very scrummy. We love harvesting our apples from our own apple trees and my apple crumbles are always popular with us and customers alike.
Claires Kitchen started last year kind of as a bit of a ‘let’s see’ after we had our amazing kitchen finished. I thought it would be a few cakes, but now it’s turned into something more… I love seeing it evolve.  I do home bakes like cakes and biscuits etc and cater for gluten free, dairy free and Paleo treats. I can cater for parties and events and even do dessert tables at weddings. I also hold cooking classes to teach people how to cook generally, or more specific things like paleo, or gluten free classes.

Now I thought i would expand to a blog, so I can have more fun and share recipes, review products, talk about restaurants and places and other things that are of interest as there is always so much to share and i can talk alot! If you are a company and you think I should know about you please get in touch. See work with me page. Looking forward to chatting to you. Claire x

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