Food around France


Markets around France are pretty spectacular and some of the best food I’ve ever seen and tasted. It really is an experience just wondering round these markets. They tend to shop everyday, shop locally and seasonally. It’s very impressive and the French accept if it’s not available I don’t want it. They want great flavour and taste, and cook with great fresh produce.

We had a tremendous meal at Le Quai in Saint Tropez, however the weather didn’t hold up! But they sure know how to do good food, wine and presentation.


Then we had a fabulous stay at the La Farandole hotel in Sanary-sur-Mer where the food is really something special.  We had nine nights here and every night the chef  cooked just for us.  They were very good at catering for allergies and the meals were divine! Would highly recommend a stay.  It was fab actually, as it made me eat things slightly out of my comfort zone like fish and now I’m eating lots more of it! Every night were are on the roof looking over a spectacular sunset with a champagne bar. Bliss.



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