Gluten Free & Dairy Free Pancakes

We make these pancakes all the time, they are soooo good!!! They are so easy too and if you are buying a ready mix (why?!!) Follow me and you will not want to, as you will save money and you will not have to put unnecessary nasties in your food!)


you may need to double or triple the mixture as necessary. If I’m cooking for my lot of 6 we double it. Or if the children have friends round for a sleepover, the pancakes seem to be a must, so I triple the mixture.

125g gluten free flour (I tend to use self raising), but if you only have plain just add some baking powder to it.

1 egg

250ml milk (I tend to use oat milk here (you can get gluten free oat milk) or use nut milk) but try your own substitute, or if not dairy free use normal) I find rice milk a little thin.

coconut oil, or oil for frying, or if not dairy free use butter as it does taste good.

so mix together your mixture until smooth with no lumps, you can even do this the night before and leave it in the fridge, as I always think it’s best if left to sit for a while.  Then take a appropriate size pan with shallow sides and heat until hot and put in your oil, pour in some batter and roll round the batter to give an even thin coating. Once bubbles have formed and after a minute or so flip it over, sorry I always use a spatula, you can decide! And cook on the other side and repeat!

Serve with your choice of fillings, the list is endless but mine favourite is either fruit or lemon or sugar!

Yum, enjoy x


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