Today’s cooking class was such fun!

Todays cooking class was such fun, cooking with kids, making pizza’s, garlic bread and cookies which they decorated. Kids love dough, playing and kneading and generally getting messy.  This a great way of getting kids, especially boys, in the kitchen and getting them interested, as they love playing with mess! They are interested too in watching the dough rise like a miracle.

Then they get to roll out the dough, it’s all very hands on, and play again and make their own toppings, this can be adapted to all age groups here and tastes. They made garlic bread too. What fun.

We also made cookies which they wanted to make big ones and the fun is choosing their own fillings right! And then putting more on top lol.

Now my kitchen smells amazing and the food is all gone lol. Off to see what I can eat now and clear up!! …. hopefully I’ve inspired some budding young chefs 👨‍🍳


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