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Family Sunday at Dinton Pastures Water Sports

So this Sunday Claire’s Kitchen is resting after such a busy busy week, and what better way to spend it that with the family on this lovely hot summers day. So how to keep 3 teenagers and a 10 year old happy. We thought we’d give Dinton Pastures water sports a go! We pick up oldest teenager from work and have a quick drink in the pub first which have to say was lovely. The Castle pub is a lovely quintessential village pub looking over fields, the local church and a bowling green and does very nice food too, although we just popped in for a quick drink this time. They do do gluten free options to for future reference if your planning a trip.

Then we made our way to Dinton Parstures, parking in the Stanford lane car park (you need change for the pay and display car park). There is lots of activities on offer, from single and double canoes, to pedalos, and boat hire and even paddle boards. There is a climbing wall too. Do go a little more suitably dressed than me as I was in a white dress as you do get a bit wet! So depending on which activity you choose, you get varying degrees of wet to soaking so come prepared! There is lots of activities for the school holidays too, and offer children’s and adults courses on, for those taking more of an interest.

We chose the single and double canoes. After getting our life jackets on and having a quick instruction on “how to” we were off! It was great fun. I have to say in my canoe, we were not so successful, as our canoe I’m sure had a steering issue lol! We were pretty wet when we got back to shore but was fairly refreshing! I would have to say a great day out, especially for older kids.

We then returned for a lovely dinner of roast topside of beef with a mustard crust and dauphinoise potatoes and a nice chopped salad. All washed down with a selection of left over bakes from yesterday ? happy days…

sorry no pictures of dinner we ate it quick…

but feet up time now (after a shower we no longer smell of pond!)


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