Twyford Village

I feel so lucky to live where I do. We have so many hidden gems on our doorstep in such a lovely village. Take for example this afternoon, a lovely sunny day and I have two mopping teenagers in the house. “Come on” I say “let’s go out and do something”…, as they are both taking photography for GCSE next year, I thought that maybe this might be a chance to play with a digital SLR camera at the nature reserve.

This is only a short walk from our house with lakes and paths that meander and link to Dinton Pastures in Hurst, which is some distance away! Great for walking, exploring with the kids, bike riding, nature exploring and even fishing (permits required I believe). We grabbed a Costa on the way from the high street, which came in handy later as we rinsed out the cup with water we already had and used it for blackberry picking.


We had a fab afternoon chatting, walking, picking blackberry’s and generally enjoying the sunshine and the great outdoors. The best bit is we are very lucky to have this on our doorstep.

So we will be making blackberry and apple crumble tonight with are foraging.



  1. That looks amazing! I just bought blackberries and apples to make crumble with but nothing beats freshly picked!


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