Home baked pizza with Roccbox

We’ve just had a great afternoon at friends who invited us for homemade pizza at their house. What a treat we had!

Paul had made his pizza dough and was proofing it when we arrived, looking very professional in nice neat rows.

Paul has a great pizza oven called a Roccbox which I was very impressed with! This is a neat little piece of kit which can be gas or wood fired. Once heated to temperature, it cooks your pizza in an amazing 90 seconds! Wow… incredible! Our friends love it so much they even take it camping.

All 11 of us placed our pizza topping orders and Paul set to work, while the boys cooked, the ladies enjoyed our champers 🥂

This Roccbox was amazing, it kicked out these heavenly pizzas in no time at all and you could literally watch them cook and puff up.

My friend Claire and I both being gluten free were not able to enjoy Paul’s bases so we had different ones, but the others were chomping down on their pizzas saying how authentic and delicious they were and they really did look it. Now is my challenge to find a gluten free base to work in there!! Paul also made garlic bread and mozzarella and garlic breads which looked equally delicious.

In an ideal world I would just like a bigger version, to cook meat joints and slow cooks etc. I love cooking outdoors 😊. One of my clients informs me she has a big pizza oven and is building an outdoor cinema too… now that would be so amazing! May be I should put them both on my xmas list!! 🎄



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