Family Favorites Cooking Workshop 17th September 2018

We will be cooking some family favorites to show you how easy it is to cook from scratch to give your family good tasty meals. These can be cost effective and made in advance.
we will be cooking Macaroni Cheese
Hand made Pizza
Dough Balls
These are big favorites in our house and i would imagine in most houses. These are great to get the kids involved too if you want to and these can also be frozen and brought out to make life easier and and time saving meals when you need them and i can show you how.
The class is £50 and starts at 9.30am till 1pm ish from my kitchen in Twyford. We keep the groups small so everyone gets hands on and makes their own food to take home so no cooking dinner again when you get home! its a nice relaxed environment and hopefully you will learn new tips and cooking tricks along with your recipe sheets to take home as well as your food.

All ingredients and drinks etc are supplied.

Any questions please feel free to ask.



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