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About Me


So I am Claire, behind Claire’s Kitchen.  I love everything around food, health, lifestyle and ways in which we can improve it. I love the way food can benefit our bodies, change the way we feel, change our mood and our emotions.

I’ve discovered this for myself.  For over over 20 years i have suffered from terrible migraines and vertigo which has made my life at times very dibilitating and spending months at a time in bed with crippling symptoms and little help or explination.  I saw many consultants, doctors and experts over this time and tried many medications and other treatments but with no great success.  in 2018 i embarked on a journey with a functional doctor and nutritionist which got to the root of my issues and happy to report i now have my life back mostly through the power of food, diet and nutrition and looking at the body functionally.  Do not underestimate the power of gut health and the microbiome and what food can do for us!  You can read more about my story here My Journey with Migraines & Vertigo

I am so motivated by this journey that i am now wishing to practice myself and I am currently studying Nutritional Therapy with the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.  My diet is gluten free and vegan and plant based and also try to live my life a clean and non toxic as possible. 

I am a Member of the Association of Reflexologists and practice from my treatment room in Twyford – http://www.twyfordreflexology.com. 

I am also just as passionate about what we put on our bodies as well as in them and I am an ambassador for Tropic Skincare.  These products not only are beautifully made but are clean, non toxic freshly made plant based products, which are vegan and cruelty free – please click here to find out more http://www.tropicskincare.com/clairejarvis or see my recommendations here Tropic – Natural, non toxic, cruelty free and environmentally friendly

Please enjoy these recipes and look forward to bringing you news and information and share our journey together in ways in which we can improve our health and lifestyle.  If you are a company and you think I should know about you please get in touch.  Work With Me 

Health, Life and Plant Power!

Claire x

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